The Unit "Gravitation " is explored in detail in 04 Concepts. Every concept content is crafted to be pinpointed at the task. Not even a single minute of the most valuable time of student is allowed to move waste.

CLASS XI : Gravitation   Concepts : 4   Structured Synopsis   Conceptual Questions with explanatory Solutions   Numerical Problems with Video and Text Solutions   NCERT Essence in MCQs (With Detailed Solutions)   Chapter Level Smart Revision Tests (With Detailed Solutions)   Cumulative Tests, Grand Tests.





Notes & Formulae

High Quality Synopsis of the Unit is provided in 04 Concepts to cut through every corner of the syllabus as prescribed for NEET (UG), JIPMER & AIIMS in terms Conceptual Bullet Points and Formulae.


Video & Text Solutions

Gravitation Sample Video 1
Gravitation Sample video 2
Gravitation TXT Solution 1
Gravitation TXT Solution 2


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The Course

This comprehensive course is built in 123 concepts modules with high quality synopsis and numerical solutions to cut through every corner of the physics syllabus of NEET (UG) as prescribed by CBSE & NTA

Class XI Package is built with 10 units/chapters, 75 concepts modules.

Class XII Package is built with 09 units/chapters, 48 concepts modules.

Synopsis and about 3000+ Numerical problems of all the concepts of the course are explained in AUDIO, VIDEO and TEXT forms of learning. Understanding and Practice/Revision of Numerical Problem is made so simple by Digital Tracking and Voice Over Explanation. The most recently developed Learning Glass Technology gives the student a LIVE CLASS ROOM interactive experience.

The Course content is delivered in the form of PRINTED BOOKS & MOBILE APP

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